Street TV was created by Joshua Thomason as a made for mobile TV show broadcast on the Vodafone network Australia wide.
A weekly 30min broadcast that covered music, arts and culture not always covered by traditional media.
It was often the most watched channel out of 30 available on Vodafone at the time.
Our small and eclectic crew would cheer each week as we had more views than MTV with their multimillion dollar budget and high end production values.
As the 1st interactive mobile TV show in the world, and also at the forefront of mobile advertising and marketing,  it was represented by Vodafone in UK mobile advertising expo.

The philosophy was simple, build an audience that was engaged to contribute and have input into the shows direction and topics covered.
The formula worked and in 2007 was awarded the Best Consumer Content prize at the ADMA Mobile Marketing Awards beating several multinational brands like Nike.

Street TV Australia
To read more about the background of Street TV – check out our media kit here.

In 2009, the show stopped broadcasting on Vodafone with the launch of the iphone, that had completely changed the mobile media landscape forever.
Joshua and some of the core crew began working on projects in remote Australian indigenous communities that gave a new perspective on how media can empower.